English & Computer Training

An initiative by Educait in late 2016 which is aimed at improving the English learning outcomes in Govt.a School. SAAMYA ventures to bridge the Gap in English communication, specifically spoken English skills in Children of Govt. Schools.

Why ?

Most Govt. Schools have a skewed teacher to student ratio. This gets them to usually neglect children in primary schools which in turn makes the base weak. Also, these schools may or may not have an English teacher. Even if there is a teacher he/she is unable to teach all classes from 1st to 7th standard(Grade). SAAMYA also has constant improvements to pedagogy that is used by its teachers at these schools.

The Programme

  • EDUCAIT through SAAMYA endeavours to have full time co-teaching staff at Govt. Schools who are paid by EDUCAIT. The program is delivered through a standardized, valid, tested and suitable teaching methods which helps in reforming the way education is imparted to children at our partnered schools.
  • Shortage of basic infrastructure like Tables, Chairs, Charts, necessary stationery etc. would be fulfilled by Educait at partnered schools to avoid any hindrance for students as well as the teachers.
  • The initial focus is set on primary school students as at this stage of learning interventions can be fruitful as well as critical towards quality education.
  • Educait will also provide other vital training such as soft skills, public speaking, goal formation and personal effectiveness as Educait deems these skills important in achieving success in life and are usually underrated or overlooked.
  • Educait shall focus on Adaptive learning and will provide corresponding solutions for it, examples of which are tablet-based platforms that have proven to be a booster in the learning curve of a student.
  • This is a continuous evolving project which encompasses various case studies of a “Treatment group” that will be monitored and assessed on various parameters by experts and professionals at Educait. This will include longitudinal studies as well as cohort group studies.

The Schedule

This program is done twice a year between June and September and then from November through January keeping in mind the rigours of school exams