EDUCAIT Trust, Bangalore provides financial aid to deserving children who have a good academic record but need financial assistance to pursue their education, through its flagship program “Pragnya”, since 2003. 

From the academic year 2021-22, EDUCAIT has launched a new program called “Pragati”. Under this Program we will be working with students who don’t have good academic record, and help them to improve their academic performance and overall self-confidence, through a combination of tutoring & mentoring interventions. Students chosen for this program need to demonstrate good potential coupled with the right attitude, commitment and self-drive to pursue their education & goals. All Pragati students will also get financial assistance from EDUCAIT. 

 Specific Intervention

 We believe, given the academic performance of these students, they would need tuitions for specific subjects, so that they can have meaningful improvements in their grades and academic scores, which will boost their confidence. These tuitions would be done through Teacher volunteers.

 Mentorship program

 “Mentorship program” for these students will have trained Mentors who will be assigned to these students (Mentees) on an one on one basis. Mentors will coach and guide these Mentees on a regular and continuous basis. Pragati has signed up committed Mentor volunteers who have been formally trained in dealing with children and mentoring them. We believe that this would help these students to have a successful transition in their lives and deliver positive outcomes for them & their families. 

 Governance model

 As part of the Governance model of Pragati, there will be a formal assessment of the students on a quarterly & yearly basis. These include self-assessment plus feedback from parents, teachers, tutors & mentors, so that any additional support could be extended to the students. Also, we will also seek feedback from the student about tutors & mentors, so that any challenges in that area could also be addressed. A formal outcome impact measurement exercise will be done yearly, so that learning can be incorporated to further improve this program for the coming years.