Volunteering opportunities

The volunteers can individually sponsor, sponsor through their company (CSR initiative) and also bring in more donors by spreading the word.

They can be a part of any or all of our three programmes

They can also conduct some innovative activities to enhance learning in our students

The three programs that we have in EDUCAIT are :

  • Pragnya
  • Poorna
  • Saamya


Volunteers can help spread the word and bring in more deserving students so that maximum number of students are benefited out of this program. They can help us in conducting the entrance test and also in the selection process.  

  • We have online applications to be filled by the candidate who wants educational aid from us. We conduct test to shortlist the students based on their merit.
  • Volunteers can help us spread the word, bring in more applicants and also can choose a donee and sponsor their fees for the year.


Volunteers can help the children with the public speaking skills by bringing in self awareness and helping them overcome the stage fear. They can also help them to write and express their feelings and emotions . This workshop is conducted twice a year. Each batch is conducted for 3 months that is every alternate Sunday.

  • Poorna is a behavioural coaching and Public speaking training program conducted by EDUCAIT
  • The volunteers can help us train students, mentor them, help them write a speech and deliver it on stage. The students learn to voice their feelings and get rid of stage fear This way they become more confident and outspoken.



Volunteers can  help us by helping our teachers who are deployed in Govt schools adopted by us . You can co teach with the teacher , customise the way of teaching depending on the type of students they are interacting with.


  • We have adopted 6 Govt Schools and we deploy our teachers in the Govt schools to teach English and Computers.
  • Volunteers can help the teachers by co teaching, conducting assessments and also by giving new ideas for improving the teaching techniques.
  • Volunteers can join hands with our teachers and improve learning skills in the students

Become a Volunteer

    Our Volunteers in Action

    We believe that Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.