Communication is fundamental to child development. Children need to be able to understand and be understood. Communication is the foundation of relationships & is essentials for learning, playing & social interaction. 

Poorna batch 5 program Final presentation was held on 26 Dec 2020 through online under the guidance of Ms. Mridula Sankhyayan. Poorna This training of 8 sessions creates a platform for students to demonstrate their public speaking skills early in their life without stage fear.

What is most important is that the program helps kids with organizing and presenting their thoughts about a chosen topic with deep passion. As always Mridula and her team of mentors weaved a program that brought out the best in children. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ experiences of the students and audience were testimony of the grinding effort put in by the students and mentors.

Some of the topics chosen by Students such as – Educate & Empower girl child, Child labor & Save environment were very relevant and had good content too.

The zeal with which the students presented to a large audience on the final day shows that the program was very successful. As usual the program touched on aspects that built esteem in kids and honed their behavioral skills too as a byproduct of the program

It was extremely difficult to deliver this online and therefore calls for applauding both mentors and mentees.

EDUCAIT’s – Poorna Batch 5 is a good example for using E-Learning platform to Teach, Encourage and Engage children positively. EDUCAIT’s first step to online coaching was definitely successful.

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