Student Funding

Pragnya is the Flagship Program of EDUCAIT. Through Pragnya, EDUCAIT strives to provide aid to children with a good academic record, but financially challenged, to stay in school and not drop out. This is available for children above 5th standard(grade).

Why ?

EDUCAIT has developed its own methods of evaluation and will also consider the grades of students as per their marks card. We are continuing to evolve and better the in take through this programme. EDUCAIT has a fairly standardized selection process that makes it a very objective program. This is a very transparent option for those seeking to help and find individual children. The updates regarding progress and the ability to work through us makes this a very success and gratifying program.

The Programme

EDUCAIT supports close to 100 children through this program and has a target of 150 children by 2020.

The criteria for selection is as follows:

  • A grades in 4 out of 6 subjects
  • No C grades
  • Full attendance at school
  • Test and Interview grading

The Schedule

A student interested in applying for aid or financial assistance can fill the form and send to us in the month of March/April each year.

Even if the first 3 criteria hold good, but the candidates fails the test and interview conducted by EDUCAIT, the child may not be selected. All selection is completely the prerogative of the Trust.